Global East-West Publishing House in London, in collaboration with The Voice of the Mediterranean in France, is thrilled to announce the release of nine groundbreaking books in May 2024. Edited by the renowned Dr. Hichem Karoui, these publications offer invaluable insights across various disciplines, ensuring a diverse and enriching reading experience.

 List of New Releases:

1. **The Innovator’s Playbook: Strategies For Business Success**

– **Author**: GEW Social Sciences Group
– **Overview**: A comprehensive guide on innovative strategies to achieve business success in today’s competitive market.








2. **Turning Points: Key Events That Shaped Our World**

– **Author**: GEW Reports and Analyses Team
– **Overview**: An in-depth analysis of pivotal moments in history that have significantly influenced the world we live in.









3. **The Future Of Work: Adapting To The Changing Landscape**

– **Author**: GEW Intelligence Unit
– **Overview**: Explores the evolving nature of work and offers strategies for adapting to new trends and technologies.








4. **The Secrets of Financial Independence: Building Wealth For A Secure Future**

– **Author**: GEW Social Sciences Group
– **Overview**: Provides practical advice on achieving financial independence and building long-term wealth.








5. **Personal Finance In A Volatile World**

– **Author**: GEW Social Sciences Group
– **Overview**: Offers insights and strategies for managing personal finances amidst global economic uncertainties.








6. **Classic Fairy Tales And Myths Retold**

– **Author**: GEW Humanities Group
– **Overview**: A modern retelling of classic fairy tales and myths, preserving their timeless essence while making them accessible to contemporary readers.








7. **Orbital Alliances: Navigating Space And Geopolitics In The Gulf**

– **Author**: GEW Intelligence Unit
– **Overview**: Examines the intersection of space exploration and geopolitical dynamics in the Gulf region.








8. **Global Cultural Shifts**

– **Author**: GEW Social Sciences Group
– **Overview**: Analyzes major cultural transformations around the globe and their implications for society.








9. **From Poverty To Power: China’s Economic Rise And America’s Decline**

– **Author**: GEW Intelligence Unit
– **Overview**: Investigates the factors behind China’s rapid economic ascent and the relative decline of American economic power.








These publications, under the editorial expertise of Dr. Hichem Karoui, are a testament to our commitment to delivering thought-provoking and high-quality content. We invite scholars, professionals, and curious readers to explore these new titles and gain fresh perspectives on pressing global issues.

For more information, or to purchase any of these books, please visit our website or contact us directly at []or [].

Stay informed, stay inspired.

**Global East-West Publishing House**
**London, UK**

**The Voice of the Mediterranean**
**France** **GEW Reports & Analyses**

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